Foundation Subjects & Science

The major aim of Christleton Primary School is to provide our children with the necessary academic, creative, physical and social skills that will lay the foundation for a happy and fulfilled adult life.

At Christleton Primary School we regard each child as an individual who will achieve different levels of attainment and develop different interests. Our teaching strives to ensure that the opportunities exist for each child to achieve their full potential through a broad, balanced and purposeful curriculum.

Our ‘Creative Curriculum’ assists the children to make links between subjects and apply skills in different contexts. Teachers plan a range of activities from the termly context for learning which enable the children to develop the correct understanding and learn the appropriate knowledge and skills for their age. We believe that whenever possible learning should be linked to practical experiences.

This page contains progression documents for the foundation subjects and science. It also contains progression documents related to skills and strategies used within school as well as our curriculum statement.

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Progression in Skills and Strategies

Building Learning PowersDownload
Communication ProgressionDownload
Kagan StrategiesDownload
Personal Development ProgressionDownload

Progression in Foundation Subjects and Science

Art and DesignDownload
Design and TechnologyDownload
Foreign LanguagesDownload
Physical EducationDownload
Religious EducationDownload
Science SkillsDownload