Learning outside the classroom

At Christleton Primary School we are very aware that positive experiences outside of the classroom environment is an essential part of the children’s learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. The 'places' where learning happens have a significant effect on how a pupil engages with a subject or an idea.

Trips and Experiences

In taking opportunities to enhance our curriculum teachers make use of a range of resources including the local environment, educational visits, school visitors and links with other establishments. Class teachers plan events to enhance children’s learning experiences throughout the year.

Residential Visits

The pupils at Christleton Primary School have the opportunity to take part in four residential trips. These trips are one of the main highlights in our pupils' primary school experiences.

Residential trips really benefit our children with the following life skills: Inner confidence, self-esteem, listening and communication skills, personal achievement, respect, resilience, problem solving and team building.

Curriculum enhancement book

Our ‘Curriculum Enhancement’ portfolio (located in the school library) captures our curriculum enhancement. It’s well worth a look!