GDPR & Privacy Notices

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has replaced the Data Protection Act (DPA) and is set to strengthen and unify all data held within an organisation. For schools, GDPR brings a responsibility to inform parents and stakeholders about how they are using pupils’ data and who it is being used by.

What does GDPR mean for schools?

A great deal of the processing of personal data undertaken by schools will fall under a specific legal basis, ‘in the public interest’. As it is in the public interest to operate schools successfully, it will mean that specific consent will not be needed in the majority of cases in schools.

GDPR will ensure data is protected and will give individuals more control over their data, however this means schools will have greater accountability for the data:

The documents below contain all of the relevant GDPR information for parents/carers.

Acceptable Use Policy, Christleton Primary School, Oct 2022Download
CCTV Policy, Christleton Primary School, Mar 2021Download
FOI Act Publication Scheme, Christleton Primary School, Feb 2021Download
GDPR Data Protection Policy, Christleton Primary School. Oct 2023Download
GDPR Letter for ParentsDownload
Privacy Notice Pupils, Parents and Guardians, Christleton Primary SchoolDownload
Privacy Notice Staff, Christleton Primary SchoolDownload