Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mr O Mitchell
Deputy Headteacher Mrs N Hughes
School Bursar Mrs L Bowes
Teaching Structure
Headteacher Mr O Mitchell
Deputy Headteacher Mrs N Hughes
Year 6 Teacher Miss E Appleton
Year 5 Teacher Mrs J Shaw
Year 4 Teacher Mrs P Williams
Year 3 Teacher Miss Shepherd
Year 2 Teacher Mrs N Hughes (0.8) Mrs Z Edwards
Year 1 Teachers Mrs M Boyd (0.6) Mrs S Barnes (0.4)
Reception Teacher Mrs S King
Support Staff - Teaching
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (part-time) Mrs J Bradshaw
Teaching Assistant (full-time) Miss S Speed
Teaching Assistant (full-time) Mrs S Thompson
Teaching Assistant and midday (part-time) Mrs L Maddison
Teaching Assistant (Full time 1:1) Mrs L Horabin
Teaching Assistant (Part-time) Miss S Stevens
Teaching Assistant (Part-time 1:1) Mrs S Grooms
Teaching Assistant (Part-time) Mrs M Gaynon
Support Staff - Non Teaching
Bursar Mrs L Bowes (0.8)
Admin Assistants Mrs J Gittins (0.2)
Mrs T Croft (0.8)
Maintenance Officer Mr A Smith
Cleaner Future Cleaning Company
School Cooks Mrs D Bate
Kitchen Assistants Mrs M Brown
Mrs R Mottershaw
Mrs J Benton
Midday Assistants Mrs L Davenport
Mrs S Renner
Miss S Stevens
Mrs J Benton
Mrs P Hunt
School Governors
The Governors are responsible for the general conduct and overall management of the school and meet at least once a term.
Chair of Governors Mrs E Binns
Vice Chair Mrs Y Gibson
Local Authority Governor Mrs Y Gibson
Parent Governors Mrs E Binns
Co-opted Governors Mr J West
Mrs L Davis
Mrs E Inall
Staff Governor Mrs J Shaw
Headteacher Mr O Mitchell
Associate Governors Mrs L Bowes
Mrs J Shaw
Clerk to Governors Mrs J Critchley