Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Oliver Mitchell
Deputy Headteacher Nia Hughes
School Bursar Lisa Bowes
Teaching Structure
Headteacher Oliver Mitchell
Deputy Headteacher Nia Hughes
Year 6 Teacher Emma Appleton
Year 5 Teacher Mrs Shaw (0.8) Mrs Harding (0.2)
Year 4 Teacher Mrs Williams
Year 3 Teacher Miss Stokes
Year 2 Teacher Mrs Hughes (0.8) Mrs Harding (0.2)
Year 1 Teachers Mrs Boyd (0.6) Mrs Barnes (0.4)
Reception Teacher Sarah King
Support Staff - Teaching
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (part-time) Jackie Bradshaw
Teaching Assistant (full-time) Samantha Speed
Teaching Assistant (full-time) Sarah Thompson
Teaching Assistant and midday (part-time) Judith Jones
Teaching Assistant and midday (part-time) Leona Maddison
Support Staff - Non Teaching
Bursar Lisa Bowes (0.8)
Admin Assistants Jacqui Gittins (0.2)
Carol Bell (0.6)
Maintenance Officer Peter Walker
Cleaner Future Cleaning Company
School Cooks Diane Bate
Kitchen Assistants Michelle Brown
Rachel Mottershaw
Jo Benton
Midday Assistants
Linda Davenport
Sarah Renner
Sarah Stevens
Jo Benton
School Governors
The Governors are responsible for the general conduct and overall management of the school and meet at least once a term.
Chair of Governors Mrs Emma Binns
Vice Chair Mrs Laura Nield
Local Authority Governor Mrs Y Gibson
Parent Governors Mrs Emma Binns
Co-opted Governors Mrs Laura Nield
Mr Tom Cooke
Mr Jon West
Mrs Lucy Davis
Mrs Elizabeth Inall
Staff Governor Mrs Julie Shaw
Headteacher Mr Oliver Mitchell
Associate Governors Mrs Lisa Bowes
Mrs Julie Shaw
Clerk to Governors Mrs Jacqui Critchley