Here at Christleton we offer the children an inspiring and creative curriculum which allows our children to develop a lifelong love of learning. The aim of our whole school curriculum is to fulfil our vision, values, aims, ethos and motto.

Before each theme starts the children take part in a pre-planning exercise. This session may last up to a day and will immerse the children in the theme they are to learn about. Through a range of activities within this day class teachers gather information about what the children already know and the children write questions about what they want to find out. Teachers then use these questions to inform their planning and build lessons around things the children want to learn, not what they already know.

As a school we ensure progression in learning by focusing on progressive skills and objectives that the children need to learn. Delivering the content of the new national curriculum ensures children are provided with a challenging and responsive curriculum and which provides the necessary coverage.

In taking opportunities to enhance our curriculum teachers make use of a range of resources including the local environment, residential experiences, educational visits, school visitors and links with other establishments. Many of these enhancements can be seen through our ‘Curriculum Enhancement’ portfolios in school.

Please view the pages within this section to find out what exciting things our children learn about.