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Why do we have School Governors?

Pupils reading at Christleton Primary School

There are three main reasons why Governors are necessary:

  • They make sure the school is run according to the needs and wishes of the local community
  • They support, promote and protect the interests of the school, its pupils and staff
  • They are a visible form of accountability

The role of the school Governor and Governing Body is:

  • To take a strategic overview of school related issues;
  • To set a broad framework within which the Headteacher can work;
  • Concerned with the general oversight of the conduct of the school

The Headteacher is responsible for the organisation and management within the school.

A School Governor is expected to:

  • Work as a member of the Governing Body for the best interest of the school;
  • Attend regular meetings and special meetings of the Governing Body;
  • Serve on committees which deal with the Governing Body’s legal obligations;
  • Become familiar with general educational issues and developments;
  • Take an interest in school activities;
  • Promote the school within the local community;
  • Commit time to the duties and responsibilities of a Governor

We are involved in:

  • Staff appointments and other staffing matters
  • Pupil discipline
  • The school curriculum
  • The financial management of the school
  • School development plan and action plan
  • Health and safety matters
  • Governor training


Lucy Davis

I have lived in Christleton since 2014 with my husband, Nick, and our two boys who both attend the Primary School. After over ten years of working in media sales, I'm now employed as an assistant at Christleton Preschool working with many of the children who start their school lives in Reception class after a couple of years with us.

As a Governor, my focus is on the happiness of the children at our lovely Primary school so their time at the school is as rewarding as possible.

My responsibilities are PE and SEND and I sit on the Finance and Staffing Committee.

Yvonne Gibson

I trained as teacher at University of London, Goldsmiths’ College at the end of the 1960s. I brought up a family of four children and began my teaching career in the middle of the 1980s. I taught across the age range in primary schools in West Yorkshire and the Wirral. I then began working for the Wirral Children’s and Young People’s Service and went on to develop and manage the Minority Ethnic Achievement Service for the Authority. I have a love of education and intend to continue to help children to achieve their full potential. My responsibilities are Early Years, English and SEND. I am chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Elizabeth Inall

I have been appointed as governor as a representative of Christleton Parish Council in order to liaise between the school and the community.

I have lived in Christleton for nearly four years having retired from my job as Vicar of three villages in rural north Bedfordshire where I was also a lower school governor.

Before entering full time ministry I worked as a Physiotherapist.

I am married with three adult children and seven grandchildren.

I am kept busy in retirement with gardening, travelling, learning German and learning to play the piano. I also help with the Open the Book assemblies in school.

My responsibilities are Modern Foreign Languages, PSHE/ Global/ Sex and Relationship Education and RE. I sit on the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Jon West

I am a local resident of Littleton and have two children currently attending Christleton Primary School. I am currently the Head of Treasury at MBNA Limited (part of Lloyds Banking Group) and have held various positions/responsibilities ranging from customer service through to operations, finance and treasury. I have spent the majority of his career as Head of Treasury.

Current responsibilities include treasury funding requirements, policy and compliance, governance and regulatory reporting. In addition to my central role, I am an experienced board member holding multiple directorships of company related property and finance companies and chairs the Board Finance Committee. My current role requires regular interaction with the MBNA Board of Directors, Risk Committee’s and Non-Executive Directors of the firm.

I attended local schools in the Chester area (Mollington Primary School and Upton by Chester High School) before graduating from Manchester University with a BA (Econ) honours degree in Economics. I recently completed an MBA at Manchester Business School.

My responsibilities are Maths and I am chair of the Finance and Staffing Committee.

Emma Binns

Having attended Christleton High School I then went on to study Business in Nottingham, after which I worked for GE Money in their retail finance sector. Once I had my first child, I took a part time job close to home, which I have recently left to concentrate on my family. I have 2 children at school, Jack in year 5 and Penny in year 1. Christleton Primary is an excellent school, and I became a Governor so I could be part of shaping its future and helping the hardworking staff and wonderful children continue to grow from strength to strength. I am extremely proud to be Chair of Governors at this school.

My responsibilities are Chair of Governors, English, and Policy review.


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