Art and Design and Technology

Art and Design

To provide all children with opportunities to explore ideas, develop their ability to control materials and improve their confidence when working creatively. To deliver a curriculum that includes a wide range of activities that inspire the children and their imaginations.  



  • Art resources are kept in a central Art store, which can be accessed and used by all teachers.
  • Books on Art-based subjects are kept in the Library to support teaching and learning.
  • Art is planned according to the Key Elements of Art and the Key Skills in Art. The Cheshire Scheme of Work for Art can be used to support this.
  • Every pupil in Key Stage 2 has a sketchbook which may be used at the planning stage of any art work.




Our children enjoy the self-expression that they experience in Art. They are always keen to learn new skills and work hard to perfect those shown to them. The children’s art is very often cross-curricular, and helps them to express feelings and emotions in art, as well as show their knowledge and understanding in history, geography and science.



Design and Technology


To deliver an engaging and challenging curriculum, which inspires the children and provides them with a range of hands on experiences and practical activities. To develop the children’s understanding of designing, making and modifying products, whilst equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle a range of activities safely.


  • Design and Technology resources are available for all teachers to use and can be found in the Design and Technology trolley in the hall.
  • Risk assessments are completed before using tools and equipment to ensure the safety of the children.
  • Each year group carries out Design and Technology activities which include: mechanisms, textiles, food and structures.
  • A variety of methods are used to record children’s work, such as: pictures, structured worksheets, sketches, diagrams, flow charts, model making, written explanations, photographs, school displays and the occasional video recording.


Our children enjoy the opportunity to be creative and develop their ideas. They are always keen to learn new skills and enjoy opportunities to put their knowledge into practice. The children’s Design and Technology work is often cross-curricular, providing meaningful links to science, geography and history.

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