Illness & Absence

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Good attendance is essential if pupils are to take full advantage of school and gain the appropriate skills, which will equip them for life. It is important to ensure that our most vulnerable pupils are given the same opportunities, which may mean extra support in certain cases.

Christleton Primary school aims to achieve good attendance by operating an attendance policy within which staff, pupils, parent(s)/carer(s), local community, the Education Improvement Partnership and the Education Welfare Service can work in partnership. The school will monitor attendance and ensure quick and early intervention if a problem is identified.

All staff will encourage good attendance and will liaise with home and partner agencies if this is appropriate. Good attendance will be seen as an achievement in its own right and recognised as such by the school.


  • If your child is ill, please notify our school by telephone (01244 981 189) or personal call as soon as possible on the first day of absence and on subsequent days if your child is still unwell
  • In cases of infectious diseases, it is essential that we are informed
  • If your child has diarrhoea OR sickness, he/she should not return to school for 48 hours after the last bout of illness. If your child has diarrhoea AND sickness, he/she should not return to school for 48 hours after the last bout of illness
  • If a child becomes ill during the day, his/her parents or carers will be contacted. Therefore, please let us know immediately if you (or named emergency contacts) change your address or telephone number


If your child has been prescribed medicines, please ensure that he/she is able to cope with a full day at school before returning after an illness. If your child needs to take medicines on his/her return, a form must be completed and the medicine left in our office. Only prescribed medicines in their original containers, clearly labelled with your child’s name, will be accepted. Long term prescribed medicines such as inhalers must be left, with a completed form, in our school office.

Medical and Dental Appointments

Please let our school office know, in advance, if your child has an appointment during school time. Please also let us know at what time you will collect your child for the appointment and please sign your child out and then sign in again at our school office upon his/her return to school.


Pupils who are late are disrupting not only their own education but also that of others. School begins at 8.55 am for Reception & KS1 pupils and 8.50am for KS2 and all pupils are expected to be in school for registration at this time.

Fifteen minutes after the close of registration a late mark becomes an unauthorised absence. The register will officially close at 9.15am after this time a child will be coded "U" which statistically counts as an unauthorised absence.

Where persistent lateness gives cause for concern further action may be taken. In the first instance this will involve a discussion with the parent or carer followed by a letter home if the situation does not improve.

Request for leave / Absence during term time

As you will appreciate, the school’s view has to be that during term time the priority is education. The school therefore has a default policy that absences will not be granted during term time and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. The fundamental principles defining ‘exceptional’ are rare, significant, unavoidable (an event that could not reasonably be scheduled at another time) and short. The school’s attendance data, which includes authorisation of leave, is monitored by county and we are held to account for the decisions that we make. The school therefore tries to be consistent in the application of the guidelines we are provided with. The National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) produced some guidance regarding the authorisation of leave.

  • If an event can reasonably be scheduled outside of term time then it would not be normal to authorise absence
  • Absence during term time for holidays/vacations is therefore not considered an exceptional circumstance
  • Absences to visit family members are also not normally granted during term time if they could be scheduled for holiday periods or outside school hours. Children may however need time to visit seriously ill relatives
  • Absence for a bereavement of a close family member is usually considered an exceptional circumstance but for the funeral service only, not extended leave
  • Absences for important religious observances can be taken into account but only for the ceremony and travelling time, not extended leave. This is intended for one off situations rather than regular or recurring events
  • Schools have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for students with special educational needs or disabilities. Families may need time together to recover from trauma or crisis

As you may be aware, the Supreme Court recently made a judgment following a legal case regarding term time holidays. The judgement of the court was that the legal position remains as it was and unless there are exceptional circumstances, headteachers are not able to authorise term time holidays in accordance with the Education Act 1996. From the autumn term 2017, Cheshire West and Chester will be notified of unauthorised absences and will issue Fixed Penalty Notices. This policy and criteria has been adopted across all primary schools in the county. If you wish to request a ‘leave of absence’ for your child / children you must complete a leave of absence request form. This will then be reviewed and a decision made.


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