Behaviour and absence



What is the School’s policy on bullying?

The school has a zero tolerance approach to bullying and, though rare at Christleton, any incidents are dealt with immediately. The school supports national anti-bullying week every November, including ‘Blue Friday’, an anti-bullying day. A copy of the anti-bullying policy can be found on the school website under the policies tab.


What is the school’s policy regarding unacceptable behaviour?

A copy of the behaviour policy can be found on the school website under the policies tab.


What should I do if my child tells me that another child or children has hurt him in the playground?

If an accident occurs within school or a child is hurt by another the school staff endeavour to contact parents before the end of the school day. If this has not happened, it maybe that the staff members are not aware of the incident. In this case, we ask that parents contact their child’s teacher who will look further into the incident.



What is the school’s policy on absences?

Term time absence is strongly discouraged and holidays will not be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances. A copy of the attendance policy can be found on the website under the policies tab.


If my child has a medical appointment at 11am, should they come to school beforehand, and should they come back to school afterwards?

It is preferable for appointments to not be booked during the school day/term time. However if it is unavoidable, ideally children should only miss school for the duration of the appointment and related travel time, depending on the time of the appointment. Where ever possible therefore, essential appointments should be made at the beginning or end of the school day to avoid disruption. Please let the class teacher or school office know in advance. Evidence of appointments may be requested.


Can I take my child on holiday during a school term?

Head teachers are unable to authorise leave during term time, unless for exceptional circumstances, which does not include family holidays. Parents are requested to complete a leave of absence request form in advance if they wish to take their child out of school for any period of time (excluding medical appointments). Parents may be liable for a fixed penalty notice, issued by Cheshire West and Chester Council.


Further information can be found regarding absence via the Illness and absence section

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