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Our curriculum, which is based on the national curriculum, is bespoke to our school. It is designed to meet the needs of our children and our school community.

We have organised our curriculum across different documents according to the subject, year group and content being planned and delivered.

These documents are used by the teaching staff to plan learning and ensure that our curriculum goes above and beyond the expectations set out in the national curriculum.

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All of the documents below are available on our school website (paper copies can also be requested).

Should you require any further information about any aspect of the curriculum your child is learning, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or a member of the leadership team via the school office.

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Christleton 21 Pledge

In pursuit of both excellence and equity, Christleton Primary School is committed to providing all children with experiences that underpin and expand on their in-class education, increasing their range of skills and knowledge and giving them a richer tapestry on which to build.

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Year Group Curriculum

Year group overview documents detail what children will cover throughout the year in all curriculum subjects within a set year group. This document is organised by subject and half term. . 

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For each National Curriculum subject we have a dedicated roadmap. These roadmaps document a subject throughout the school detailing the content to be covered.

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Coverage Documents

Our coverage documents ensure that we deliver the national curriculum objectives fully.

Our aim is to deliver a curriculum that exceeds the requirements of the national curriculum and is enhanced by experiences to engage, motivate and inspire our children.

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Subject Overviews

A specific document for each subject lays out how the national curriculum objectives have been split across year groups and key stages.

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Adaptations in...

Our curriculum is accessible to all.

We have adaptation documents for each subject area which set out how teachers adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our children.

We have the same intent for all children but differ our implementation to ensure all children can access and enjoy their learning.

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EYFS Curriculum

Our EYFS curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of our reception children and prepare them for Year 1.

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Ready For Year 1

Our 'Ready for Year 1' document details our expectation of the EYFS curriculum. At then end of the Early Years Foundation Stage our children will be ready for Year 1 and the national curriculum.

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Vocabularly is of huge importance in our curriculum. We ensure that vocabularly builds as the children progress through their learning.

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Teaching and Learning Approach

At Christleton Primary School we are committed to excellence and creating the conditions to be the best you can be. We recognise that this is achieved through a being outward facing, reflective and constant drive to improve and develop the quality of teaching and learning. Our approach to teaching and learning is evidence informed and outlined in our Teaching and Learning Approach document.

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