At Christleton Primary School, we believe that the learning of a language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils. 

It helps them to develop communication skills, including key skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

It prepares them to participate in a rapidly changing world in which other activities are often carried out in languages other than English. The skills of learning a new language are transferable and life long. These skills will enable our children to access foreign languages in their future lives, whether for travel of in the international workplace. 

At Christleton Primary School we teach French from year three upwards.



At Christleton Primary School, we value the learning of another language as a life-skill and we aim to develop an interest for learning other languages in the future.

We aim to make the learning of French an enjoyable, interactive and stimulating experience whilst embedding the essential skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. Building of the children’s ‘cultural capital’ is built in as they become aware of similarities and differences in other cultures.

As many of our pupils have the opportunities to travel widely, the development of a foreign language is beneficial for their future opportunities.




At Christleton, we deliver the teaching of French through a new scheme of work introduced in September 2019. EarlyStart languages is an online resource aimed at the non-specialist teacher. As the majority of our key stage 2 teachers are non-French speaking, we have chosen this resource for its video clips, spoken examples and clear planning structure.


The scheme is split into 3 sections to be delivered across 4 year groups. Each new unit has clear teaching guidance and resources. The children experience a variety of skills including singing, reading, writing and drawing. As they progress they will develop a bank of vocabulary that can then be used in a wider variety of situations.


Lessons are taught as a discrete session, once weekly by non-specialist teachers. Development of the language will be promoted in the future as we learn songs in assembly and displays are developed around the school.




Teachers use summative assessment of the childrens’ progress at the end of each unit of work which are then recorded half-termly as a judgement of WT (working towards the expected standard), EXP (working at the expected standard) and GD (working beyond the expected standard).


Our MFL curriculum.

The documents below outline our MFL curriculum. 

MFL Curriculum 

This document outlines how we have planned to deliver the National Curriculum in MFL across Years 1- 6. 

In Christleton Primary School we follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years and Foundation Stage issued by the DFE. 

There is no requirement to teach a modern language in EYFS, however, children will learn about other cultures through themed learning experiences.

Children in EYFS can enjoy hearing different languages, listening to the flow and alternative sounds to those they hear in English, and they can be fascinated by learning vocabulary for everyday items, including types of fruit and toys.  

One area which we frequently explore is saying greetings in French, in addition to other languages.
The children also enjoy learning about different customs which children in various countries experience, and they can compare them with our diverse customs in Britain. 
National Curriculum Mapping

Our National Curriculum coverage mapping document highlights were the MFL National Curriculum objectives are delivered in school. 


French Club

How lucky we are to have Mrs Mesney running a Tuesday
lunchtime club for year 2 children! Merci Madame Mesney!! 

French club.jpg


Why not try learning French at home as a family? Scan this QR code to try the Duolingo website! It's great fun and totally addictive!

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scan me! 

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